Friday, December 2, 2011

London Times chooses Dark Endeavour as a 2011 Best Book for Children

The children's critic for The Times of London, Amanda Craig, has made her annual pick of the best children's books -- and This Dark Endeavour makes the cut for the young adult category (13yrs + ) alongside Moira Young's acclaimed Blood Red Road:
"Kenneth Oppel’s This Dark Endeavour (David Fickling £12.99), a captivating gothic novel for 13+ about the future Dr Frankenstein and his competitive love for his twin brother. Books this good are for life, not just Christmas."


  1. I added this book to my lists for 12-and 13-year-old students this year (after I read it and fell in love with it). So far, it's been very popular with the kids at our school. And I'm extra pleased because it will help them get more into Frankenstein in 2 years when that book is on the reading list.
    Well done. This is a superb book.

  2. I`d like your Books! I fnde, you should write a continuation of Darkwing!

  3. Mr.Oppel

    I enjoyed the silverwing series. Airborn was a whole other matter. The main character is basically good but his view on reality is distorted. The Aurora is cool, but whats with the Hydrium? Why didnt you just say Hydrogen? Don't insult the noble gasses. In the cover picture Matt would freeze at that hieght! He thinks he's such a big shot walking around with Kate. Fix it, and then I'll read it

  4. I like the Airborn series, and I hope you'll write a book 4 sometime soon. I know as an author you have to write what pleases and interests you, but I hope Matt and Aurora come back for another adventure.

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