Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Alive!

The Spirit Cards of Victor Frankenstein...
...from Such Wicked Intent, published today...


  1. i love the new books and all, but i need more airborn! it was one of those moments where, if you ended it there, it would take an AMAZING series and take a dump on it. it ruins the chances of another read-through. there are plenty series i loved but after getting to the end couldnt read again or recommend it to anyone because the ending of the series was "They're holding hands!" or "He pulled her in with a kiss, and a mighty kiss it was," or, yes, even an engagement. Kate's attitude is BOUND to cause them more trouble. please work on that 4th airborn book you said you would probably do. Matt's and Kate's stories are not yet done. there is more there, and only you can tell the story. not me, not my friend, not rick riordan or anyother writer or fan of a writers work. only you. i know i dont speak for myself on this. i have seen many people beg for another book in the series.

  2. When is the next book coming out?!!!!

  3. Hello, I tried to find some way to try to tell you how the ending of The Silverwing Trilogy Posting here was the best I could find. (Put a forum on your site please.) I can't believe what you did to me. After all Shades been through... after everything he's learned. To simply give up his life. I know it was for his son.. but just knowing goth got away using Griffins life, knowing that he got a away whit it!! ... I felt unbelievable sadness. More than what I though I would. I was completely invested in his story. The whole time I was thinking he would come out on top, never doubting... He blew the head off a GOD!! for peats sake... Please Please!! At least tell me your thinking of continuing with Griffin. I know that me always thinking he'll come out on top and you knowing what I would think (not me personally) influenced the ending. You don't want to have an ending everyone already expects. Sorry I just couldn't keep it in. I would have been happier if it ended with Sunwing. He got his dad back a he spent almost a year, had one son, had barley even been recognized for his accomplishments, aside from story's told from newborn to newborn. It's almost negates the purpose of sunwing even being made.