Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Boundless: Will Everett

This is Will Everett. He's come up to Craigellachie to meet his father who’s been working on the railway for the better part of three years. (Will actually hooked a ride up into the mountains with Van Horne and the other CPR dignitaries in their private train.)
And here's a secret about the Last Spike.
It isn't Donald Smith who drives it. 
It’s Will.
You won't find it in any official photos. But after Smith bungles the first attempt, Van Horne offers the hammer to Will. The railway belongs to a new generation and a new century, says Van Horne, and Will should be the one  to drive the spike home. He does so.

The spike is solid gold.



  1. Well, written. Damn Daniel

  2. Wait, so what's his hometown? He came up from somewhere to see his father, but where did he come from?

    1. I said hometown, not country...

  3. On the bottom of page 20 in the book it says that Will has red hair. For some reason, I just can't imagine him in this picture with red hair.

  4. How old is Will and Karen specifically?