Saturday, May 10, 2014

Aboard The Boundless: Sandford Fleming

Sandford Fleming is an engineer and a surveyor for the CPR, but he’s probably best known as the inventor of Standard Time.
Now that trains were crossing great expanses at great speeds, it became necessary to develop time zones. Before then, time was pretty much up for grabs, decided by every town or region as they saw fit. Fleming divided the entire world up into 24 zones.
What’s less well known about him is that he invented something called Cosmic Time, which is the same all over the world. He actually has a special clock which shows Standard Time and Cosmic Time.
Cosmic time never catches on -- but one of the interesting things about time zones in The Boundless, is that they’re a bit permeable.
Whenever the train passes through a time zone,  there’s a little, shall we say, shimmer. An adjustment. A moment of confusion, maybe just a few second, which makes sleight of hand all the easier.
Imagine the possibilities...


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