Friday, May 2, 2014

The Boundless: Sasquatch

There is no satisfactory photograph of a sasquatch. There are tricky animals to track down.

Certainly the sasquatch in The Boundless look nothing like this burly fellow to the left. They are much, much scarier. But they are certainly a fact in my world -- as much a part of the mountain fauna as a bear or cougar.

There are other names for this creature, namely Big Foot, or -- and maybe Yeti, his Himalayan cousin. The name Sasquatch itself is possible a derivation of a First Nations' word sask'ets, or stick man. I liked the notion of a stick man...

During the construction of the CPR, the sasquatch proved troublesome to the work crews. The young ones were merely curious, mischievous and disruptive. The adults were deadly. The work crews devised all sorts of methods for dealing with the sasquatch, many of them futile.

Will survives the avalanche -- but he finds himself between a young sasquatch and its mother...

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