Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Inside The Boundless: Part II

Second Class aboard a train like The Boundless is also very comfortable. The passengers are accommodated aboard Pullman cars that convert to upper and lower berths at night time.

Shooting at passing wildlife through open windows was a very popular pastime in the early days of train travel.

The Boundless made this all the easier by having a repurposed flat bed car for gentlemen and ladies to try their aim at the magnificent, though fast dwindling, herds of buffalo.

 Third Class becomes a little more cramped, and less well appointed.
Fortunately, the Saloon Car gives passengers a chance to stretch their legs, have a refreshing drink or three, gamble, dance, and possibly engage in a gunfight.
Thousands upon thousands of immigrants began rail journeys from Halifax and Montreal to begin new lives out west with their land grants from the Government of Canada.
The Colonist Cars offered rudimentary accommodation at best. At times it was little better than a livestock car. There were scant washroom facilities, a stove at either end of the car for heat and cooking.
Passengers were responsible for their own meals.
In the next post, we'll take a look at some of the fascinating people aboard the maiden voyage of The Boundless!


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